Garage & the guys rocked Ukraine: Gold & 2 Bronze EFFIE Awards

Title: Epic Mixes // Brand: Garage Drink // Client: Carlsberg // Agency: Think McCann Kiev // Produced by Pronto Film // Postproduction: Terminal FX

Once upon a time two wise guys..

Title: A very special beer // Client: Ambar // Agency: Pavlov Barcelona // Produced by RCR

Hey Dad, wanna play again?

Title: Electronics (DSCut, African Market) // Client: VISA // Agency Impact BBDO Dubai // Produced by Filmmaster

Have u seen my cat?

Title: Unexpected // Brand: Burn // Client: Coca-Cola // Agency GMR // Produced by Nephilim

Bro, let's hoop an eagle

Title: Make an Eagle // Brand: Eagle // Client: Bimbo // Agency: TBWA Barcelona // Produced by RCR

Follow the chip my friend

Title: The big wave (DSCut) // Brand: Lay's Maxx // Client: PepsiCo // Agency: Civilization Shanghai // Produced by Eagle Media

The happiest moment, no doubt

Title: The day will change your life // Client: ONCE // Agency: Ogivly Madrid // Produced by Sal Gorda

Everyday the same nightmare

Title: Psycho // Brand: DISA // Client: Shell // Agency: Decreativos // Produced by Sal Gorda

5 employees, a bet, a sandwich. Who will eat it?

Title: Sandwich // Produced by Comatol Films & RCR (2014) // Directed by Gabi Martin // Written by Rubén Pacheco // Production Designer: José Gonzalez // Editor: Lucas Nolla // DoP: Ángel Amorós // Sound Design: Juan Ferro & Nicolás de Poulpiquet

You've been a very bad girl

Title: Baby food dads // Client: Nutribén // Agency: Popin Group // Produced by Wind // *Festival Chupete 2012: Food & Drinks Best TV and Cinema

What a bummer!

Title: Apps // Client: Just Eat // Agency: Sra Rushmore // Produced by Warner // Post: Free Your Mind // Sound Mix: Sonomedia

Golf lessons by Forlán

Title: Predator Forlán // Client: Adidas // Agency: La Despensa // Produced by Attic

My movies will revolutionize cinema!

Title: New Hitckcock // Client: Mecal Festival // Agency: Atlético Internacional // Produced by Blur

I say, you say

Title: I say Pesi // Client: PepsiCo // Agency: Tiempo BBDO // Produced by Blur

Nobody's normal in the building?

Title: Neighbors (Trailer) // Produced by Blur & Attic (2010) // DoP: Ángel Amorós // Collectors Programme Clermont-Ferrand 33º International Film Festival