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Follow the mystery

Title: Sherlock (DScut) // Brand: Hrusteam // Client: Pepsico // Agency: Ovation BBDO Belgrade // Produced by Tuna Fish Studio

Let's rock!

Title: Refreshed Man (DScut) // Brand: Kvas Taras // Client: Carlsberg // Agency: Think McCann Kiev // Produced by Pronto Film

It's kinda ready!

Gold & 2 Bronze EFFIE Awards // Title: Epic Mixes // Brand: Garage Drink // Client: Carlsberg // Agency: Think McCann Kiev // Produced by Pronto Film // Postproduction: Terminal FX

Wanna play again?

Title: Electronics (DSCut) // Client: VISA // Agency Impact BBDO Dubai // Produced by Filmmaster

Once upon a time..

Title: A very special beer // Client: Ambar // Agency: Pavlov Barcelona // Produced by RCR

Have u seen my cat?

Title: Unexpected // Brand: Burn // Client: Coca-Cola // Agency GMR // Produced by Nephilim

Everyday the same nightmare?

Title: Psycho // Brand: DISA // Client: Shell // Agency: Decreativos // Produced by Sal Gorda

Won't forget this day

Title: The day will change your life // Client: ONCE // Agency: Ogivly Madrid // Produced by Sal Gorda

Let's hoop an eagle

Title: Make an Eagle // Brand: Eagle // Client: Bimbo // Agency: TBWA Barcelona // Produced by RCR

Watch the chip my friend

Title: The big wave (DSCut) // Brand: Lay's Maxx // Client: Pepsico // Agency: Civilization Shanghai // Produced by Eagle Media

Golf lessons

Title: Predator Forlán // Client: Adidas // Agency: La Despensa // Produced by Attic

Savior of the universe!

Title: I say Pesi // Client: PepsiCo // Agency: Tiempo BBDO // Produced by Blur

My movies will revolutionize cinema!

Title: New Hitckcock // Client: Mecal Festival // Agency: Atlético Internacional // Produced by Blur // DoP: David Carretero // Music: SAM & Bernard Herrmann